DVD Playlist

The documentary materials presented here have been drawn from various live concert performances. All the music is original. In some instances it has been fully composed and notated while in others it is entirely improvised. Crucial for Collective Autonomy however is the relationship these two modes of music-making share; their potential to interpenetrate and thus inform each other, or, to run parallel paths in the same creative space. The source documents which originate this Playlist are either video tape or disk. And while all these are non-professional productions, every attempt has been made so as to offer the musical material at hand in as accessible a form as possible, doing so with a view towards 1., clarifying my research for the benefit of others who may be interested in the same or similar area of creative pursuit and 2., offering a glimpse of the performance integrity involved. Much generosity of time, energy, and devotion, has been given to these performances, a matter for which Ifm deeply grateful. I express my heart-felt thanks to all the performers and the various production people who have participated. Ifm also appreciative of being given permission by the performers to publish these documents here on this website.

As much of the music here is finely nuanced the most rewarding listening will be attained through good quality headphones or a sound system hook-up.

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